Why should you invest in short-term and student rental?

Low risk of insolvency
for students, payments rent are guaranteed by parents; in short-term rentals payments are made marketin full upfront

the constant minimum annual yield on the value of the investment

the annual increase in the value of residential properties since 2014

Strong demand
a vibrant real estate market with constantly growing real estate demand

High resaleability of properties
they are located in strategic cities: university and tourist

50.000 €
initial capital needed if you use bank leverage

The Affittopro method


Invest, rent out and build your own profitable properties portfolio at low risk.

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Do you think you should invest in commercial properties?

Here are some figures which can get you change your mind

-40% rental prices
rental prices have constantly dropped since 2009

More Expensive purchases
these properties are more expensive than residential ones

6+6-year tenancy agreements
they have long-lasting contractual bonds

Greater financial exposure
resale times are three times the residential properties

Void periods
properties unoccupied amid a tenancy agreement and the other

Incomeless months
the percentage of unpaid rents is higher than residential properties

Do you think you should target the residential properties market instead?

Here are other key figures which can provide you with a complete picture of this market

the average yield in the residential market

50% of tenants
do not pay 10 months of rent

the tenants who make late payments

the average costs of legal fees for evictions

the average void period

the expenses against profit (maintenance, management and agency fees)

In fact, 27% of the income is lost due to void periods, legal fees, unpaid rents and other costs.

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Why should you choose AffittoPro?

Expertise in the real estate

Strong knowledge of the rental and sales market

High yield

You can get an annual yield of over 20% by maximising the number of the rooms and the occupation.

Selected properties

We select those properties with prices below the market value and characterized by high revaluation and economic return.

Secure investment

A secure investment thank to the tenancy agreement signed before the purchase of the property.

No nasty surprises

We analyze revenues and costs from the investment to determine a certain return; we suggest you the tenancy agreement with the lowest taxation.

No wasted time

You will not have to spend your time dealing with tourists or students as we will manage the tenancy of your property in full.


6 steps for assuring a certain income

We select the best investment in order to guarantee you the best possible revenue.

Set your budget, choose the area where you would like to buy and the type of tenancy that you would prefer.

Choose the property among those that we select for you.

Sign the contract with us to ensure a certain income.

We support you in purchasing the best-price property.

We refurbish and furnish the property for you.

Get yourself comfortable and receive your earnings every month.

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tenancy agreement


different nationalities
of tenants

Press reviews

Riccardo Biolo

Riccardo Biolo graduated in Management Engineering from the University of Padua in 2004. Over the next following nine years he worked in the family business before making the decision to establish his own building construction company. Over the years he broadened his objectives and eventually established his own group which comprised of several companies within the real estate sector.

Riccardo Biolo, thank to the working experience acquired in particular in the lettings sector, wrote several books in which he explain how he succeeded in creating a winner method. Nowadays This method allows him to manage easily, through the companies of the group, over three hundred and fifty apartments and rooms across all Northern Italy.

Thank to AFFITTOPRO Method, all investors who want to purchase buy-to-let properties can benefit from a complete and professional tool which allows them to reduce the risks of long-term rentals and maximize the economic return.

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